MANE TEA – Mane Tea


The average Hair grows about 6 inches per year, we are on a mission to help you surpass the average. Here’s how:

All Natural:

We use only proven hair stimulating ingredients to grow your hair like Marigod, Chamomile and Jasmine Tea. No harsh chemicals or dangerous ingredients.

Add to your Daily Hair Care Routine:

You can Sip it daily or You can use it to wash your hair to stimulate hair grow. 

Reclaim Your Healthy Hair:

You’ll have the luxurious hair  you always wanted. 

What Makes Mane Tea Different?



Prep your teatox by warming up water and pour into your cup or add it to your hair washing routine.  


Add any natural ingredients to enhance the taste or pair with your natural hair products and sip away. 


After 14 days you will see your hair grow thicker, longer and shinner.* 


I've struggled with hair growth for a long time. I was convinced that no matter what I did or how hard I tried my hair wouldn't grow. A little over a year ago and six months into my natural hair journey B Nicole asked me to try a new product mane tea. I am a skeptic by nature, after hearing the benefits and knowing she has never steered me wrong I tried the product. Not only was the tea delicious within a couple of months I saw a dramatic difference in my hair growth and texture. I was absolutely amazed! For the first time in years I was able to wear my own hair without any enhancements. The great thing about this product is you can drink it or simply wash your hair with it and see results. I finally have a product where I see results and it's organic! I think the picture speaks for itself. 

S. Hamilton

For years I have had very flakey scalp.   My hair was always thin and forever breaking. I never had length. As the years passed my scalp got worse and worse, until I tried Mane Tea.  My oh my…what a difference I began to see in my hair.  I have been using it now for approximately nine months and finally have the nicest scalp and the healthiest hair I’ve had in over 30 years.  I enjoy sipping a cup at night to wind down and I also use it as a pre- conditioning rinse after I wash my hair.  I am truly a Mane tea socialite.  Thank you Mane Tea."

C. Campbell

What's in the Tea?