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About Us

Mane Tea is a group of women who want to do better themselves while also pushing others to do better and strive for success. We are a team of women that want to stick together and promote something beautiful. To build self- esteem, enhance self-love and self-care. We make sure that every single person has the same opportunity to benefit from this product as much as possible regardless of gender, genetics, disorders, etc. We have been a team for two years, beginning in mid-2015, and was founded by CEO Inarbi Nicole. Her story along with many other men and women is exactly why we have Mane Tea labeled as a "TEAM" and not a "Business". Mane Tea Babes are ambitious, eager, dedicated, driven, and want nothing but positivity, and successful for themselves and one another. Becoming apart of this community isn't like anything you've ever seen before. We will take care of you, love you, and make you into something, not even you knew you could become- a better you inside and out!


Mane Tea is what the hair industry have been longing for. With the popularity of detox teas, Mane Tea has provided an amazing product for hair! This is a product that is not only good for your hair and body, but also taste good. Let go of the hassle of pills, shampoos, oils and conditioners and have a cup of tea. Main Tea promotes hair growth, thickening, and overall healthy scalp and hair..

Mane Tea is the true definition of “sipping” your way into hair perfection.  Mane Tea is an oral hair growth stimulant that promises to increase hair growth, shine and fullness. When Biotin and other supplements have failed you, or are not as result forming as they once were. Mane Tea is the hair industries new mark of distinction promoting long-term results, and hair growth you can trust. Mane Tea is the definition beautifying from the inside out.

Mane Tea is the must have beauty/hair item for 2018 not only because of the enormous results, but the quality and love that goes into each and every package.

We are here to protect and enrich your hair the natural way! 


Mane Tea